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The Turing Building

Grade A space coming Summer 2024

The Turing Buildings’ offices are designed to be modern and flexible, with each floor configured using modular separation that lets you shape it to whatever your business needs. The same logic applies to the lower ground floors where four retail units, an active lobby and integrated Everyman cinema provide a welcome people don't expect from a workplace.

As part of a neighbourhood where business and education mix with culture and innovation, the Turing Building aims to inspire everyone under its roof with its flexible workspaces. Now with dual higher education and office use consent secured, The Turing Building is a place for both work and study. Explore more about higher education below.

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With efficient, clear floorplates, full height glazing on all elevations and structural soft spots for interconnectivity, The Turing Building is designed for flexibility. 

The active lobby, integrated three screen cinema and retail led ground floor enable circulation and a truly enriching lifestyle experience. Not only that, our exclusive occupier club floor with event, collaboration and meeting space makes for a truly enriching experience.

Every inch of the building prides itself on sustainable, collaborative design, providing occupiers with an environment that will inspire its people to get the best out of their day.

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View individual floorplans for each floor of The Turing Building here.

For more information, please contact our agents.

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