London’s centre of gravity is moving east. And fast becoming a key hub of culture and education, Stratford’s possibilities know no bounds.

At the centre of this shift sits Stratford Cross. A new neighbourhood developed by Lendlease, it puts you in the middle of all this area has to offer. Respecting the industrious legacy and diverse community of Stratford, while shaping an exciting destination that everyone’s free to explore. 

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Having helped deliver the Olympic Village for 2012, Lendlease is continuing to influence Stratford’s future. 

With a focus on customers, diversity, and sustainability, Lendlease shapes cities, connects communities and delivers workplaces fit for evolving businesses. Its global portfolio stretches from Sydney’s International Towers to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum in New York, while, closer to home, it’s developed Google’s King Cross headquarters, the BBC’s London expansion and Manchester’s Media City.

Today, it’s determined to create a greener future, and Stratford Cross is in an urban regeneration project that differs from many others across the city. Leading with sustainability, the development encompasses workplaces, green space, homes and retail to create a destination which blurs the lines between hospitality, residential and commercial.

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About Stratford Cross

A new neighbourhood at the cross-section of all that Stratford and East London have to offer.

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The Transformation

Stratford is built on its legacy as a diverse, industrious, creative community.

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We're focused on closely collaborating with the amazing people that surround us.

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Stratford Cross is an environment with sustainability ingrained at its core.

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